Hello From Me!

The Crafts Vine started out of necessity.

I wanted a different kind of stationery and I couldn't find anything I wanted in stores. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough, most people probably don't instantly start a business after not being able to find the right pen [although... we all have that ONE pen!] but combined with a job that I'd trained hard to get into to [any pharmacy dispensers reading this?] and a need for good stationery - The Crafts Vine was born.

I also wanted a community.

A little online family of like minded stationery lovers that could obsess over the newest Mildliner colour with me.

I wanted people that journaled and crafted and planned to their hearts content.


So, I'll keep this short and sweet [like me!]

Welcome to the first blog post on The Crafts Vine, by me - Jess! The lady who runs all this crazy, incredible, busy little stationery business behind the scenes. I'll be bringing you on a little behind the scenes tour, some sneak peeks and get a little bit more personal.

See you in the next post,

Jess x



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